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The Design and renovation process

Over the past five years, the landscape in bathrooms has changed dramatically, as too has our design process. Your bathroom renovation may well be one of the biggest projects you undertake in your home and obviously it is important that it is completed correctly. We at Britannia believe it is of the utmost importance that our clients’ needs and wants are satisfied.

we suggest that you consider the following questions:

• What are your reasons for renovating?
• Who uses the bathroom and do they have any special requirements?
• Is the bathroom to be renovated your only bathroom?

What is your budget?
Bathrooms are not as they used to be. The modern bathroom has become a focal part of the home. Therefore, it is vitally important to attain the right combination of functionality and aesthetics.

During the design process, we discuss colour and texture and the ways in which these components can be used to create the overall look of your bathroom, be it a showpiece or a sanctuary in your home.

For us design is not just a requirement of our work but a passion. We keep up-to-date with the latest concepts and available goods by reviewing current literature and attending industry-run exhibitions and product launches, which enables us to offer our clients the most contemporary options.

Following the initial consultation, our designer can meet with you at your preferred suppliers’ store/showroom to assist with a complete product selection. The new bathroom goods, known as prime cost (PC) items, can then be incorporated in to the plans.

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